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Real Estate Commission


  • Criminal Background Check:

    • As stated by the Real Estate Commission of South Carolina, A criminal background check is required of all licensure examination or reciprocity licensure applicants from a source approved by the Commission Pursuant to S.C. Code Section 40-57-115.

  • Age Requirement: ​​

    • Individuals must be 18 years old to be licensed as a Real Estate Agent (salesperson) and 21 years old to be licensed as a Broker. ​

  • Disclosure:

    • Any applicant who has been convicted of a crime or sanctioned by any licensing agency or has adverse items on a credit report must revel that fact on his/her application.  SCREC may review the application and then conduct an investigation before an examination can be scheduled.  This may result in a delay.

*Please click the link down below to obtain your SC Real Estate Commission Criminal background check & for additional information*

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