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Choice Real Estate School, Inc. Key Benefits

Putting Students First

At Choice Real Estate School, Inc., we believe in providing students with strong foundations through lessons taught virtually and inside the classroom, as well as 1-on-1 sessions.  Take a look below to learn more.


At Choice Real Estate School, Inc., we believe the learning experience should be fun & interactive. We encourage students to network with each other.  This is your real estate career and networking is a key to success!


We will periodically have guest speakers from the industry to come in to speak to students and provide facts about being a real estate professional and what to expect in the field.  Such speakers will include home inspectors, lenders, brokerages, attorneys etc.

Online Courses

  • Online via Zoom with Certified Instructors  

Course Refresher

At Choice Real Estate School, Inc., we offer a 2 day refresher course for those students who may not have a full grasp of certain topics before or after taking the PSI exam.  The refresher course is 2 hours for two consecutive days.

Are you ready for a great learning experience?

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